HSBC Real Time Exchange Rates

With HSBC, you can exchange foreign currency at competitive Real Time Exchange Rates1, tiered for larger transactions.

Unlike other banks that usually set their exchange rates once or twice a day, HSBC’s Real Time Exchange Rates1 mean you are able to check FX quotes based on where the market is trading in real time.  This means you can take advantage of exchange rate movements as they occur.

  • Make the most of FX market movements
    Exchange foreign currencies at Real Time Exchange Rates1, any time the markets are open, wherever you are.
  • Exchange the currencies you want
    Exchange up to 19 different currencies with Real Time Exchange Rates1.
  • Available for international transfers
    Enjoy Real Time Exchange Rates1 for International Transfers.

Make the most of currency movements as they occur when exchanging foreign currency within HSBC accounts or making international transfers1

How it works

  1. Select Make a Transfer under Move Money.
  2. Enter your transaction details.
  3. Check the exchange rate and click ‘confirm’ to complete your transaction or ‘refresh rate’ for a new real time exchange rate.

Watch the demonstration for more information

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Customers without Online Banking

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Other fees and charges (PDF, 184 KB) may apply. This advertisement provides general advice only and doesn't take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. Consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Financial Services Guide (FSG) (PDF, 487 KB) before acquiring this product, available by calling 1300 308 008, at your local branch or Issued by HSBC Bank Australia Limited ABN 48 006 434 162. AFSL 232595.

1 Real Time Exchange Rates will apply for certain currencies when using Online Banking and Mobile Banking to transfer between HSBC Accounts and the foreign exchange (FX) market is open (excluding weekends, currency and US holidays). When the FX market is closed on weekends (from US market close on Friday until Asia market open on Monday), the exchange rate which will apply between your HSBC Australia accounts is the exchange rate at US FX market close plus an additional weekend spread. The HSBC Daily Exchange Rate, set once a day (excluding weekends and NSW public holidays) will apply to transfers outside of HSBC Australia entered after currency cut-off times, on currency holidays and on NSW and US public holidays, and will apply for all future-dated transactions on the future date of the transaction. FX transactions are subject to foreign exchange risk associated with exchange rate movements. HSBC FX accounts should not be used for speculative purposes.